We Need Each Other Now . . .

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In case you missed it,  Love Books Group have published an interview with me about Truth Sister, published by Impress Books  earlier this month. It was great fun to talk about Treasure Island, Sherlock Holmes, and whether your characters stand at your shoulder while you write.

Another question was, If your book came with a theme song what would it be? That was tricky, but in the end I thought of what Clara says in the last chapter: “We’ve all got to fight to stay alive, every one of us – so we’re going to have to stop fighting each other.” And she’s right. Truth Sister is fiction, but the dangers facing us from climate change, from diseases and from dwindling resources are real and present. We need to stop bickering and work together if we’re going to stand a chance of dealing with these challenges. Truly, We Need Each Other Now.

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