Please Rate It!

So, Truth Sister is just over a week old. Thanks again to #SundayYA for featuring it in a Twitter chat on Sunday night – it’s a good slot for finding out about the latest in YA, so do join in if that’s your thing. Follow the hashtag at 6 pm on Sundays.

Truth Sister is currently showing on Amazon Best Sellers as around “318,000 in Books”, but that may not be either as good or as bad as it sounds. The figure is based on sales rates that are updated by the hour. Still, there are worse figures! TS is showing with an average of 4 stars on Amazon, based on just one review, and 3.33 on Goodreads, based on four reviews.

So if you’ve read TS, or are going to read it, PLEASE can you rate it. No need to write a full-blown review, although those are useful too – but if you can give it the stars you think it deserves, that would be great.

In fact this is a cry often heard from authors everywhere – it helps us to know how we’re doing, and to know what readers like, if we get some feedback. Whatever book you’re reading – please rate it.

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