Truth Sister

Truth Sister is now available from bookshops and online retailers, published by Impress Books. Available in Paperback,  Kindle and ePub versions. See buying links below.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. TO SURVIVE IN A HOSTILE WORLD, WOMEN MUST TAKE CONTROL OF THE KNOWLEDGE THAT REMAINS. The year is 2149. The Women’s Republic of Anglia seeks to harness forgotten technologies from the time when men ruled the world.

Naturals are second-class citizens, while women born through cloning are the true children of the Republic.

When Clara Perdue graduates from the prestigious Academy, she is ready to do her part to support the Republic and bring about a better future for all. But when she stumbles on information that the Republic has tried to keep hidden, she begins to realise that the society she has been taught to believe in – and trained to defend – is not all that it seems.

A secret from Clara’s past puts herself, her family, and her friends in danger, and Clara must choose between subservience and rebellion. In a world where knowledge is power, what you know can save your life. Or it can get you killed.

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Buying Links

Examples of where you can buy TS:

White Horse Bookshop
The Book People

. . . or you can order the paperback from any good bookshop. The ISBN is 9781911293187.


I’m planning to make TS the first of a trilogy that looks at a plausible future, where the world is affected by climate change, dwindling resources and ever-faster-evolving diseases. I’ve begun work on Book II, which takes up the story a year after the events of TS . . .