Short Stories (Archive)

While I’m working on the Short Stories page, here’s the old version.

The Short Stories

Here’s a selection of my short stories. They’re all in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, which is compatible with most readers etc.

Five-Minute Tales

Aunt Tracey’s Voyaging – SF. Aunt Tracey wants to keep her independence.

Bedtime Stories – But who’s listening?

Billy’s New Hill – The first time I held you . . .

Billy’s Big Dance – Billy’s a little older now.

The Bus – An allegory for our times.

The Next Wave – Did you know that no part of the the Maldives lies more than 2.4 metres above sea level?

The Sorrowful Mysteries – A tale of remembrance.

Ten-Minute Tales

Campusnet– Memories of student days.

Car Park Death – A ghost story?

The Case of the Colour-Blind Captain – Another case for Holmes and Watson.

Duty – A mother’s regrets.

Facing the Cliffs – a sea story.

Falling – Saved by a partygoer?

Garden Design – Murder in the family.

The Grey Folk – They’ll grant your last wish . . .

He is Alive – A man’s past is always with him.

The Memoirs of Moira – The detective and the writer.

Missing Derek – Derek’s walked out and it’s not fair.

Old Bruises – A cautionary tale.

One Small Step needs as much courage as a big one.

Out of the Office – What you can learn from e-mails.

Sleeping Beauty – It’s about what’s inside.

The Slot at the Bottom of the Door – The loneliness of a hostage?

Spirit of the Game – Be careful who you challenge . . .

Trixie – It’s good to walk the dog . . .

Ultimate Combat 7 – Be careful what you wish for.

Wet Encounter – A chance meeting at a railway station.

Wounded – Some hurts take longer to heal.

A Few Minutes Longer

A Drop in Custom – Terrorism affects us all.

Mobio 6151 – A helpful phone?