Short Stories

The Short Stories

Here’s a selection of my short stories. They’re all in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, which is compatible with most readers etc. A lot of them have been shortlisted for, been runner-up in, or even won, competitions. The others I reckon ought to have done!

In these works any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Billy Mac

A little triptych featuring Billy Mac, Bren and Tommy.

  • Billy’s New Hill won the “cliffhanger” competition at the Swindon Festival of Literature, 2010.
  • Billy’s Big Dance was shortlisted in the Writing Magazine 750-word competition, Feb 2019.
  • Billy and the Storm was shortlisted in the Writing Magazine 750-word competition, Nov 2022.

Five-Minute Tales

Aunt Tracey’s Voyaging – SF. Aunt Tracey wants to keep her independence.

The Bus – An allegory for our times.

Keep Going – Longlisted for the Fiction Factory flash fiction competition, July 2019

The Sorrowful Mysteries – A tale of remembrance. Won the Swindon Festival of Literature short story competition in 2003.

Ten-Minute Tales

A New Deal – Shortlisted in the Writing Magazine “Dystopian” competition, September 2020

The Case of the Colour-Blind Captain – Another case for Holmes and Watson.

Daddy’s Coming Home – Won the Writers’ Retreat (see links page) short story competition in 2019.

Facing the Cliffs – Won Writing Magazine’s sea story competition in 2003.

Generosity – Runner-up in Writing Magazine’s crime story competition in 2013.

The Grey Folk – They’ll grant your last wish . . .

La Manche (2021) – Climate fiction. What will climate change bring for the dispossessed?

Promises to Keep – Shortlisted for the Writing Magazine crime/ thriller competition, May 2019.

Rare Edition – Shortlisted for the Writing Magazine love story competition, August 2019.

Sleeping Beauty – Shortlisted for the Writing Magazine adult fairy story competition, September 2016.

The Slot at the Bottom of the Door – The loneliness of a hostage? Shortlisted for the Writing Magazine “kidnapped” competition in 2005.

Spirit of the Game – Be careful who you challenge . . . Shortlisted for the Writing Magazine summer ghost story competition in 2004.

Tomorrow’s Tomorrow (2020) – In our climate-changed future, a woman looks after her memories and her granddaughter.

Ultimate Combat 7 – Be careful what you wish for.  Shortlisted for the Writers’ News (subscriber-only) “jealousy” competition in 2004.

Wounded – Some hurts take longer to heal.