Time Running Out?

It’s now about a year since the lovely Impress Books published Truth Sister. It’s been great to get have a novel “out there”,  especially with a beautiful cover like this one. The design is based on the “hourglass-in-a-circle symbol of the Republic” that’s mentioned in Chapter 2. In the plot the hourglass signifies that time is running out: firstly time to fight climate change, and secondly, in the context of the Women’s Republic of Anglia, time to find a way of sustaining cloning technology.


When we came up with the design in 2017, I hadn’t ever head of Extinction Rebellion, who are currently in the news as they take action to push governments to do something about the climate crisis. You may not like it when they cause traffic jams, but you’ll like it even less when your children and your grandchildren have to deal with extreme weather, rising sea levels and disrupted food supplies.

Anyway, look at the Extinction Rebellion logo. Well, it’s hardly a coincidence. Time is already running out on the climate crisis, never mind in the fictional future of the Republic of Anglia.

We need to ACT NOW. Check the ER website, write to your local MP, get involved.

(If you want to know more, have a look at the IPCC and UK CCC web sites. There’s stuff on my Links page too.)

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