Hot, Isn’t It?

A few weeks ago I mused on whether the climate change scenario I’d used in Truth Sister was actually pretty tame compared with what was actually going to happen. Now of course, weather isn’t the same as climate: essentially, climate is the average weather, year on year. But one of the predictions of all credible climate change models is that as the average temperature increases, the weather will also get more variable. As it is now.

There’s a lot of distressing news at the moment, with wildfires and heatwaves killing people from Canada to Greece and Japan, widespread droughts and threatened crops. And yes, this could be just down to a natural seasonal variation. But this kind of thing is happening more often – which is a definite indicator of climate change. At times like this it becomes even more reprehensible that powerful people continue to obstruct the reduction of greenhouse emissions. I wish there were a word for the sheer recklessness of blighting the lives of everyone on the planet, both today and for generations to come.  “Irresponsible” isn’t really strong enough.

Still, I haven’t heard any presidents saying that what we need right now is a “big fat dose of global warming” recently. So that’s progress. Ha ha.

Incidentally, I’ve based the scenario in Truth Sister on a 4 m sea level rise by the middle of the next century, with temperatures up by 3° and all of the associated wildness of the weather. What makes me think this may be optimistic is not the stuff that’s happening right now; it’s that collectively, we’re not doing enough to stop climate change. The US has a climate change denier for a president, and Europe (especially the UK) is preoccupied with Brexit – at a time when we should all be pulling together.

For more, see the authoritative IPCC, the UK Committee on Climate Change , and the Met Office. And, as I think I’ve mentioned before, watch Before the Flood.

What can we do? At least write to your MP and ask why the government isn’t putting more effort into reducing greenhouse emissions. Change has to be at the international level, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

We Need Each Other Now . . .

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In case you missed it,  Love Books Group have published an interview with me about Truth Sister, published by Impress Books  earlier this month. It was great fun to talk about Treasure Island, Sherlock Holmes, and whether your characters stand at your shoulder while you write.

Another question was, If your book came with a theme song what would it be? That was tricky, but in the end I thought of what Clara says in the last chapter: “We’ve all got to fight to stay alive, every one of us – so we’re going to have to stop fighting each other.” And she’s right. Truth Sister is fiction, but the dangers facing us from climate change, from diseases and from dwindling resources are real and present. We need to stop bickering and work together if we’re going to stand a chance of dealing with these challenges. Truly, We Need Each Other Now.

Please Rate It!

So, Truth Sister is just over a week old. Thanks again to #SundayYA for featuring it in a Twitter chat on Sunday night – it’s a good slot for finding out about the latest in YA, so do join in if that’s your thing. Follow the hashtag at 6 pm on Sundays.

Truth Sister is currently showing on Amazon Best Sellers as around “318,000 in Books”, but that may not be either as good or as bad as it sounds. The figure is based on sales rates that are updated by the hour. Still, there are worse figures! TS is showing with an average of 4 stars on Amazon, based on just one review, and 3.33 on Goodreads, based on four reviews.

So if you’ve read TS, or are going to read it, PLEASE can you rate it. No need to write a full-blown review, although those are useful too – but if you can give it the stars you think it deserves, that would be great.

In fact this is a cry often heard from authors everywhere – it helps us to know how we’re doing, and to know what readers like, if we get some feedback. Whatever book you’re reading – please rate it.

Truth Sister: Publication Day

Well it’s bloody brilliant to have arrived here at last. TS has been through a couple of writing courses, several edits and more version numbers than I care to remember. It’s been sent to agents then revised; sent to more agents and revised again. So I’m very grateful to the team at Impress Books for taking me on and helping me jump the final editing-and-shaping hurdles. Thanks also to the various people who’ve helped me along the way – see the Acknowledgements at the end of the text!

Now to market . . .


News on the BBC Environment page yesterday ( Antarctic ice is melting at an increasing rate. The overall rate of rise is 3 mm a year, of which Antarctica is contributing a fifth at the moment. 3 mm might not sound much, but at that rate the Wash and the Somerset Levels will be back under water by the middle of the next century . . . What will life be like?

Have I Been Too Optimistic?

OK, so Truth Sister isn’t out yet; but it nearly is (1 July). One of the themes it explores (besides the increasing effects of disease, the energy crunch, and what a predominantly female society might look like) is climate change. For that, I looked at what might happen with 2-3 degrees warming in a century or so. But, according to a BBC news item today, maybe that was too optimistic. We might be heading for that amount of warming a lot sooner – unless the international community can find a way of working together . . .