Ten-Minute Tales

The Short Stories

Here’s a selection of my short stories. They’re all in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, which is compatible with most readers etc. Most of them feature in the anthology, published for Kindle (see the Welcome page).

Five-Minute Tales

Aunt Tracey’s Voyaging – SF. Aunt Tracey wants to keep her independence.

Bedtime Stories – But who’s listening?

Billy’s New Hill – The first time I held you . . .

The Bus – An allegory for our times.

Daddy’s Coming Home – for Royal Wootton Bassett.

The Next Wave – Did you know that no part of the the Maldives lies more than 2.4 metres above sea level?

The Sorrowful Mysteries – A tale of remembrance.


Ten-Minute Tales

Campusnet– Memories of student days.

Car Park Death – A ghost story?

The Case of the Colour-Blind Captain – Another case for Holmes and Watson.

Duty – A mother’s regrets.

Facing the Cliffs – a sea story.

Falling – Saved by a partygoer?

Garden Design – Murder in the family.

The Grey Folk – They’ll grant your last wish . . .

He is Alive – A man’s past is always with him.

The Memoirs of Moira – The detective and the writer.

Missing Derek – Derek’s walked out and it’s not fair.

Old Bruises – A cautionary tale.

One Small Step needs as much courage as a big one.

Out of the Office – What you can learn from e-mails.

Sleeping Beauty – It’s about what’s inside.

The Slot at the Bottom of the Door – The loneliness of a hostage?

Spirit of the Game – Be careful who you challenge . . .

Trixie – It’s good to walk the dog . . .

Ultimate Combat 7 – Be careful what you wish for.

Wet Encounter – A chance meeting at a railway station.

Wounded – Some hurts take longer to heal.


A Few Minutes Longer

A Drop in Custom – Terrorism affects us all.

Mobio 6151 – A helpful phone?